What is Green Zebra?


Green Zebra is a new sustainable business programme run by Sarah Blake (Earthology) and Linda Ward (Retail Renewal).

Through a FREE five-module course, Business Sustainability Basics, you’ll see the different aspects of sustainable business practices. You’ll be able to assess where your business is today so that you can set targets and measure improvements in the future.​

You’ll finish the course with a clear understanding of how to make your business more sustainable and how to persuade your colleagues, management and customers to get on board.

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October is Reuse Month

This month is all about reusing. My Waste Ireland have some brilliant sources and ideas available on their website to help you become an expert fixer-upper. Reusing your belongings means you value your belongings. Learning to sow, repair and fix are just some ways you can extend the life of your favourite jumper.

Ways to get involved at home:

Repair and Revive

- Fix or clean up what you already have

- Try repairmystuff.ie for local repair help

- Learn to fix & upcycle

Ways to get involved at work:


- Get someone in to talk about decluttering or food waste prevention

- Book us for a Reuse and Recycling workshop

- Show a movie about prevention & reuse over lunch

Ways to get involved at play and in your community:

Support Local

- Feature your local reuse services at events (charity shops, upcyclers, repairers, rentals)

- Donate to local charity shops

- Contact local educational providers for what courses they may have available

So this month why not try and not buy anything new, and chat with friends and family to encourage them to also get involved.

Sustainable Christmas Workshop

We are delighted to announce the return of Earthology's Eco-friendly Christmas workshop. It is all about the steps you can take to have a more sustainable Christmas. Including gifts, decor, food and entertaining. We look at everything from reusable crackers and advent calendars to Secret Santa and enjoying the real spirit of Christmas.

We are also running a 'craft along' workshop for those who are looking for ideas for homemade and eco-friendly gifts such as cards, crackers, advent calendars and festive tea lights.

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Things to Check Out

1. As a countdown to Christmas, every week on our social media platform's we are highlighting one of the 17 SDG's and the ways businesses can achieve those goals in their business model. Check out our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to find out more.

2. The 10th of October is World Mental Health Day. The world as we know it today is a very different place due to Covid-19, many people have lost their jobs, family members and support systems. So today why not reach out to someone and who your support by being a listening ear.

3. The 11th October is International Day of the Girl. For 2020, the global theme is "My voice, our equal future." Check out what the Girl Guides have planned for the day here.

WATCH - David Attenborough A Life On Our Planet

READ - Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

LISTEN - Is Sustainable Fashion An Oxymoron?

Online Events In October

1. My Waste Ireland are running an Upcycle Challenge until the 30th October. This is a brilliant way to get creative and to spruce up any old furniture, materials and more. What's better is the winner receives €750! Get your Green team at work to enter: click here

2. Join My Waste's Upcycling Webinar on the 6th Oct, in conjunction with The Rediscovery Centre and learn to see opportunities for reuse in preloved furniture and other “stuff”. You will go away inspired to upcycle more around your home. The webinar will be presented by The Rediscovery Centre. Find tickets here.

3. The Capsule Wardrobe and Slow Fashion webinar will be held in conjunction with The Rediscovery Centre on the 20th Oct. This promises to assist all fashionistas to gain insight into fashion habits and how to empower changes to our fashion habits that will help the environment. Register here.

4. On the 11th October, Butler Gallery in Kilkenny will be hosting a family-friendly workshop where participants are invited to create, out of recycled and found materials, their own Constructions(Sculptural Painted Artworks), inspired by Kilkenny artist Tony O’Malley’s Constructions. Find tickets here.

If you would like to learn more about how you or your work place can become more sustainable, we would be delighted to help you on your green journey. Contact us via email atsarah@earthology.ie, or phone on +353 (0)1 6877151.



Earthology works with SME's to large corporates to start making the workplace a more sustainable environment for everyone through talks, workshops and strategy.

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