Sustainable Christmas

Updated: Jan 27

When doing your Christmas Shopping this year think about The 5 R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.


Refuse Selection boxes! Plastic

Reduce Kris Kindle

Reuse Re-gifting is acceptable!

Recycle  Cards, tags, bags

Rot Think natural

Why not create beautiful memories and give the gift of TIME.


Refuse Don't buy anything new

Reduce Simplicity

Reuse LEDS, fix broken lights

Recycle  Swap or Charity shop

Rot Natural


Refuse Don't be tempted by brochures

Reduce Only buy what you need

Organic and local

Can family bring something?

Reuse The freezer is your friend!

Recycle   Send people home with leftovers

Give to local soup kitchen

Rot Compost everything else, peelings

bread, cooked and uncooked meat


Refuse Only go to those you need to!

Reduce Your carbon footprint, go veggie

Reuse No single-use

Recycle  Charity shop Kris Kindle

Rot Compost food waste

So now think about The 5 S's:

Simplify - Think less is more

Slow down - Only go to the events where you connect with people

Savour - Enjoy time with loved ones

Support - Christmas is often a difficult time, so support those who need help

Stay present - Go for a walk, enjoy the smell of baking, don't try to multitask!

We wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Year from all the team at Earthology.


Earthology works with SME's to large corporates to start making the workplace a more sustainable environment for everyone through talks, workshops and strategy.

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