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Like every business, Earthology has had to change and develop to continue working in the current climate. That's why we are offering online talks and workshops for companies.  1. Our talks are a great way to engage staff. A lunch and learn session is around 45 minutes long and covers practical tips for how to reduce your carbon footprint both in the office and at home. Attendees will come away incentivised to make positive changes, full of ideas to cut their carbon footprint and to start making a difference immediately.  2. Workshops are a super way to understand the different ways to become more sustainable. We work with your employees to help them drive effective change across your business. We can help you start a Green team, develop an effective business case for change and engage staff to implement changes.  3. Strategy. As an Earthology approved business, you will join a thriving community of like-minded organisations that are working together sharing knowledge and committed to improving corporate sustainability. Working in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals we will create a long term strategy that will mitigate risk, drive cost savings and create a media profile to highlight your sustainable credentials. We will work with all departments to ensure a cross-functional strategy that delivers real change. 

Things to Check Out

1. On the 3rd of June, it is World Bicycle Day, and cycling is becoming more and more popular. Not only is it a cheap and eco-friendly way of travelling because you produce zero carbon, but it is excellent for the body and mind as when you exercise you release adrenalin and endorphins, which help boost your mood. Staycationing this year? Check out the East Coast Greenway in Wicklow, and the Waterford Greenway. Thanks to Dublin City Council, there are also new cycle lanes being built. Check out these accounts for bike-friendly news - @ibikedublin @dublin_loves_bikes @dubbleeper

2. Lost Stock was set up to buy some of the stock that large retailers had ordered but cancelled because of the Coronavirus. This means many workers in underdeveloped countries face job losses and starvation.

Lost Stock supports these garment workers as they support a worker for a week with every box sold. This is definitely something to check out if you are in need of some new clothes.

3. Did you know that Earthology has a Youtube channel? Here you can get all our latest videos, with lots of tips and tricks on how to live more sustainably. If you like what you are seeing then hit subscribe to keep up to date on everything sustainable. Check out all our videos here.

WATCH - Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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LISTEN - The Klosters Forum

Online Events In June

1. Make your home clean and natural by learning to make your own natural cleaning products on the 1st of June with this free online event. Click here to register

2. An important way to keep Fast Fashion at bay is learning to sew. Check out this free workshop to learn all the basics about fixing those unwanted holes in your favourite clothes. 

3. An important way to make sure our planet is being looked after is to teach future generations. This Classroom Composting workshop is free for teachers but great for everyone in fun activities and ways to learn about composting. Check it out here.

4. Just like fashion, the food industry has a serious impact on the planet's health and future. So join this free webinar to learn how to choose a more sustainable diet and foods for you and your family. Click here to register.

5. If you want to be more connected throughout the globe and learn more about how other people in their countries are making more conscious and sustainable decisions then check out this Virtual Network for Sustainable Leaders.

If you would like to learn more about how you or your work place can become more sustainable, we would be delighted to help you on your green journey. Contact us via email, or phone on +353 (0)1 6877151.



Earthology works with SME's to large corporates to start making the workplace a more sustainable environment for everyone through talks, workshops and strategy.

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