World Environment Day

Updated: Jan 27

We were very sad to take down our garden at Bloom on Tuesday and the awful weather didn't help, but at least all the garden is going to good homes. The trees and large planters are going to one of the National Guiding Cottages and the bottle top planters to some of the regional centres. The Bottle top earth which was admired by many is going to the Girl Guides Head office where it will be used like a giant pin board to mark the places that the Irish Girl Guides visit. The Ecobrick sofa will go the Seal Rescue in Gorey along with all our extra ready made bricks! Even the grass has found a new home, in my garden!

This week it was World Environment Day and the theme was #beatairpollution. There was a stark reminder in the Irish Times that the health risks will increase as climate change intensifies with the elderly and sick children amongst the most vulnerable groups, according to a new report. There was new information on the plastics front too with an article in the Guardian suggested that we are eating 50,000 plastic particles a year with the health effects of ingestion of microplastics via food, water and breathing still largely unknown.

In terms of #airpollution, one of the biggest contributors, is flying as not only does emit emissions but due to the altitude that planes operate at, the effect is magnified. Maybe we could all fly a little less? But the problem with Ireland is that we are surrounded by water and don't have access to the rail network that mainland Europe does. A rather interesting article in the New York Times attempts to broach the subject 'if seeing the World helps ruin it, should we stay home? One way to try and combat this is to offset your emissions by paying a price to plant more trees and there is an interesting article from the BBC that covers information on the pros and cons of this.

And finally some positive news from the UK with Waitrose announcing a pilot scheme where customers can bring their own containers and let's hope we see that at an Irish supermarket soon. In another first, Sainsburys followed with all fruit and vegetables now being plastic free. So change is happening all around us but we need to get 7 Billion on board with all these efforts if we are to #makeadifference. So have a great weekend and get out there and appreciate nature.



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