A Greener 2020

2019: A Year of Action

We are incredibly excited for 2020 and what better way to start off the year right than coming along to our 20 Tips for a Greener 2020 event taking place in Foam Coffee House, Terenure on Thursday 16th January, 6-8pm.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s have a look back through 2019: 

Bloom 2019 The Irish Girl Guides and Earthology teamed up to create their #PledgeAgainstPlastic garden. The garden concept encourages people to reduce plastic through five principles: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. These principles were brought to life through the garden by using plastic containers as planters, sending soft plastics to TerraCycle and disposing of food waste in a compost bin. The garden also incorporated a seat made from eco-bricks and bug hotels made from plastic containers.

The Year The World Woke Up To The Climate Crisis

2019 was a big year for raising awareness globally to the reality of the climate crisis. Millions of people worldwide, mainly school children, took to the streets to demand that correct action should be taken by governments to slow the planet’s rising temperature. Both young and old have come together to show their support in demanding a significant change be taken by these large bodies and we hope this strength in numbers will continue into 2020. If this is something you would like to be apart keep an eye on the Fridays For Futures website: https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/calendar

A Change In How We Buy

Last year definitely shone a light on the different ways our society can reduce their impact by shopping smartly. We have noticed an increase in people changing how they shop. More people are choosing local food produce and food with less packaging, vintage/charity shops for clothing and looking to buy second-hand or refurbished laptops, phones and other electrical goods. Two new South Dublin food stores have opened too: The Good Neighbour, Dundrum and The Source Bulk Foods, Rathmines. For other resources click below: https://www.earthology.ie/resources

If you would like to learn more about how you or your work can become more sustainable, we would be delighted to help you on your green journey. Contact us via email at sarah@earthology.ie, or phone on +353(0)86 082 0087.



Earthology works with SME's to large corporates to start making the workplace a more sustainable environment for everyone through talks, workshops and strategy.

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