Earthology was born from a passion for our natural environment and what steps we can take to look after it.

Our mission is to get you started, step by step, on your sustainability journey. We will inspire, motivate and engage your workforce to drive change across your business.

We organise talks to activate change and get everyone on board. Next we deliver workshops to your green team to take the discussion further and to clarify direction and finally we develop long term strategies to create success for your business. We work with a team of associates who help us deliver in specific areas of expertise.

Meet The Team

Sarah Blake

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Sarah has a passion for the natural world and sustainable living. She studied Sustainability leadership at the University of Cambridge and has an interesting career combining Horticulture and Human Resources.  Sarah believes that individual actions can make a difference and that we all have the power to be agents of change. Earthology was started in response to friends and family who kept saying, you know so much about this, you should start a business! Our tips and tricks prove that living more sustainably is the new norm both in business and in our home lives.  Everyone can make a difference and all it starts with one small change that will send you on your sustainability journey. Our interactive talks, workshops and strategy sessions are a great way to get started on reducing your carbon footprint both at work and at home. We believe every action counts and what you do matters.

Zoe Hertelendi

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Zoe believes that sustainability is about the relationship between humans and the environment, present and future. Everything we do today has an invisible but real consequence and impact on tomorrow. When Zoe isn't partnering with Earthology to run talks and workshops, she runs her own company Edamame. Zoe is on a mission to clean up and fix the dirty traditional promotional products industry, change habits and educate people on the benefits of sustainable living. Edamame has a range of hand-picked, environmentally conscious products that provide you with the opportunity to make wiser choices about the products you purchase for a more sustainable and socially conscious planet. If your business is committed to sustainability, respect for others and Planet Earth, as well as delivering top-quality environmentally conscious products to your customers, she'd love to work with you.

John Fitzsimons

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John believes there are five stories in life; mine, yours, ours, ours in our community and the fifth being our story in the world. John works together with Earthology on projects involving design thinking, change management, strategy and senior management coaching and training. John has worked in both commercial and charitable organisations for over twenty years spanning Ireland, UK and Africa. Previously, John led the award-winning social enterprise Camara Education. When not partnering with Earthology, John runs his own company, Fifth Story, that helps businesses connect and develop their true social purpose i.e. their Fifth Story, to deliver greater financial sustainability and to unlock the potential of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. John has spoken publicly on the importance of the SDGs, including delivering a TedX talk. John has an MBA and a Professional Diploma in Executive Coaching at UCD Smurfit Business School.


Earthology works with SME's to large corporates to start making the workplace a more sustainable environment for everyone through talks, workshops and strategy.

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